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Need to develop a software program to become a billionaire, but don’t have the experience in software development? Our team, one of the top rated app building companies in Australia, is ready to share the experience and help you bring your ideas to life.

How to start?

Do you know that many digital startups are sponsored by people with no IT experience? That means you can have digital success without writing a single line of code. You can hire a development company to do the coding, and you get the time to run the company. However, you still need to deal with many app development issues, such as idea validation, marketing strategy, monetization, user acquisition and retention, customer support, financial management, accounting, and more.

You do not necessarily need to know how to code

Are you still here, or is there such an endless list to scare you? To be honest, even if you're a professional developer, they probably will not write a line of code as your app becomes popular. What our developers are saying here is that if you do not know what building applications are, you can still succeed in the IT industry if you have ideas, business ideas and business talents. Only Google, you will find many successful stories from people who do not understand the technology, but are still grateful for getting rich smartphone software.

Do not waste your time

It may take a long time for you to find a suitable app development company that helps you start your own business ambitiously - and every minute in a rapidly changing business world. In fact, the best software building companies are busy paying salaried clients, or they have created their own startups. Do not waste the time - Read our guides to find out if you do not have the IT knowledge to make your smartphone app idea a reality.

Learn how to create software

Millions of people around the world know how to do it and you can undoubtedly learn how to create applications. Today's internet is full of tutorials, blogs, videos, and other resources, tutorials for absolute beginners, so take the chances while you own it. Getting started is not difficult - when you create your first basic program with a simpler resource, it is easier and easier to learn, perfect your skills and broaden your horizons. This main app may even be a viable product, or MVP, which is a version that you can release to users downloading, sharing your comments and interacting with your company.


This will help you get funding for the project such as crowdfunding platforms, find building companies interested in the project and decide to join, and connect to the first customer who will buy your products and services and your money grows and expands. The most valuable players will be rolling to provide clear demand for the product market and you need to target the audience.

Our experience speaks for itself

  • AMD
  • intel
  • PlayStation

Hire technology experts from our app building company

If you do not have the time to learn programming and do not want to focus on operating companies, find a team of professional software building companies that have their own business and want to be part of a startup. For example, almost all customers who provide us the development projects are those who do not have coding experience, but want to build applications to sell their products and make money.

Choosing an app building company

However, carefully choose your program building partner to target long-term relationships. This is not outsourcing or offshore outsourcing, which is a mutually beneficial partnership. We know that it is tempting to hire cheap labor in emerging economies that are prepared to work day and night at a price of $ 10 an hour. You should not try to save on development capital because the quality of the app is a key factor in your company's success.

Risk of hiring an inexperienced program building team

Let us explain in more detail why choosing the right programmer to do the job is very important. First, companies which do not have experience need very detailed software specifications - without them, developers do not know what to do and where to move. When it comes to real professionals, all you need to do is share your thoughts and they will help you conceptualize it as a comprehensive map of the project. Sometimes it is easier to write your own program than to explain to the hobby what you want to do. So do not forget to interview candidates and look at their portfolio.

The first step as an entrepreneur

Let's summarize and outline your first step as a startup:

  • Invest in building high-quality, lower-performing products with essential capabilities
  • Ask your friends and relatives to help you with money or get a loan
  • Do not invoke much - create the first version that plays only one function, but make it unique and good-looking. You will have time to expand these features in the future.
  • Push MVP to market and monitor performance. Make a monetization strategy to benefit from the first day, use crowdfunding platforms or attract private investors
BIY Software

The development industry is famous for a variety of off-the-shelf solutions and app building platforms that allow you to build mobile applications in less than an hour without requiring any IT knowledge. However, these tools are limited in functionality and security and are only useful when you need to organize a workflow or connect to a small number of clients to a limited number of clients. On the other hand, a software build platform is not the right choice if you need a complete product to cover a wide range of business issues and engage the public.

Your Dream Team

Our digital company described all the possibilities if you want to build an app without learning how to code. Professional creation of advanced program requires a dedicated team with deep knowledge of technology and development environments, excellent analytical skills, user interface and user experience design know-how, how to comply with the world standard code and how to ensure your app is available to Apple in the approval published in the App Store, and how to avoid any risks, errors, and failures.

Custom Content Management System

We've created a custom content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to update and manage content on your site. Our CMS solutions can help you edit content and update your site safely and quickly. The custom content management system does not require any additional staff training because it has an intuitive user interface, even for beginners it will be easy to understand.

CMS Features

A high quality CMS gives you the opportunity to control the development of your site without the involvement of external experts and costly tools. You can use the system on any Internet-accessible device - by entering the program you will have full control of your site. We'll build CMS based on your business's unique needs to make sure your employees are not accustomed to using it. Our CMS also integrates easily with any tool, service, social network and legacy software.

Work with the best app building team

Do you still think you can work this whole offshore company for $ 10 an hour? We doubt it. To make your newly founded company a success, you must find the most qualified team with relevant knowledge. Your product is the essential you provide to consumers, and you can not afford it because it can ruin your image and drive out customers. Working with mobile app builders in Sydney, Australia, with offices in cities around the world. Our team specialize in building best-in-class applications that deliver real value that perfectly matches your needs.

Software development experience

At the beginning of the smartphone era, we provided nearly 10 years of use for businesses of all sizes. Over the years, our IT agency have completed more than 350 software building projects and gained a reputation as a specialist and pioneer in the industry to accelerate IT innovation. We not only create and write applications for iOS and Android. Our digital company offers a comprehensive range of digital products for a variety of platforms including Android tablets, iPads, wearables, Apple Watch, responsive design sites, Windows applications and custom corporate software. Our team of designers, coders, analysts, traders and other digital specialists can handle the most complex projects.

Have you ever wondered how to make your business ideas a reality or need the help of professionals to guide you while taking the first step? We are waiting for your message.

Our expertise covers a wide range of platforms and technologies:

  • iOS version
  • Android
  • Wearable Device
  • Web-based solution
  • Custom Enterprise Software
  • Complex integration of hardware and software and integration of third-party services

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Drop us a line, and we will estimate the cost of building a whole project for you or just the MVP and suggest that there are many ways to improve and extend it in the long run.

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