Business Apps for Daily Tasks and Special Needs

If you are a business owner or a startupper who is struggling to deal with everything that goes on in your busy life, you need need a handy tool to manage all your tasks with minimum efforts.

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What Business Apps Are Available on the Market?

As Internet and mobile availability increases, business owners now have access to a large number of advanced business apps that were previously only available to companies with more budgets. Of course, such apps are affordable and easy in use, but most high quality apps are those that were tailor made to your needs. However, here is a list of useful tools that may be useful in daily work.


Slack is an advanced messaging app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that makes it easy to send direct messages and organize team conversations for specific public or private business channels. Slack also provides archiving capabilities that allow you to save files, notifications, and past messages for future reference.

The Slack application provides easy-to-use features that facilitate drag-and-drop communication, making it easy to add files and images to any conversation. You can choose to use the free version or upgrade to a more advanced feature that costs £ 6.40 per user per month and does not limit the number of users you can add. These features also include unlimited integration, complete message history archiving, and group calls.


The Pushover app is designed for small businesses that use multiple mobile phones or other devices, including desktop browser clients. Just enter your Pushover user key or email address to start receiving push notifications right away.

Pushover send push notifications to any phone and automatically organize notifications and messages in one place for easy access. The application allows receiving notifications on all devices including Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Android and all types of desktops. You can try Pushover for free for 7 days and then buy £ 3.99 at one go.


Asana is a productivity application for Android and iOS that automatically combines user dashboards, business tasks, conversations, and team projects in one place for easy transparency. They are not wasting precious time looking for emails, but organizing them in one place to improve access and productivity.

Asana enables teams to focus on specific project steps and collaborate using a user-friendly interface. It facilitates communication and project management. In addition to performing regular backups to facilitate recovery in case of data loss, the app also uses advanced security technologies to protect the integrity and security of data.

How to Get a Perfect Tool for your Business

Business mobility is becoming the new standard for competitive business. Corporate mobility can increase sales and reduce operating costs. Mobile app developers and business strategists need to ensure that business goals align with mobile apps in order to maximize the app’s usefulness. Analytics is an essential part of the mobile software development lifecycle and continues to benefit throughout the lifecycle of related business apps. That’s why it is so important to consider custom app development for business.

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