Featured Development Cases

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A web-based slides-showing application for mobile devices.

Our client was looking for a digital solution that can provide slideshow functionality for all mobile devices over the internet. Targeting smartphones and tablets, our team has built a web application customised for touchscreen and tailored in accordance with the customer company style so that it could convey its visual identity. The application was built to support a history major classes educational process with an open timeline library.



A website for finding a ride mate and sharing transportation costs.

Our Indonesian project was dedicated to the development of a website solution for helping residents to share their transportation costs by offering and finding a ride. Users can meet new friends looking for rides as well as give reviews to other users. The functionality of the site is available according to the user role. Unauthorised users can only view the information, while registered users can both offer a ride noting the time, start location and the destination and find a ride that fits their routes.



A mobile fitness application for sports enthusiasts.

Working with a professional athlete and starting entrepreneur, we have developed a mobile application for those who just start exercising and want to do it without any damage to health. As soon as users create their personal account they can find and add friends, set goals, purchase video courses, and get in touch with professional fitness trainers who can help with the individual workout program. Users can also join group activities and track their success.


Healthy Diet

A mobile application for nutrition recommendations.

Our client approached us to develop a nutrition mobile application with the comprehensive diet recommendations. The application is designed to provide straightforward directions to weight loss, shape up and healthy lifestyle. The program provides flexibility in meal choice which enables users to keep enjoying their favourite flavours thanks to our client’s proven tips and practices. The application also enables users to track their progress encouraging them to make right decisions.



A mobile application with web backup and directory functionality.

Working with an entrepreneur from the entertainment industry, we were asked to design and develop a one-stop mobile solution for users who want to explore Sydney’s nightlife. The application provides an overview of all local hotels, bars, and pubs providing basic information such as contact information, average check, happy hours, people reviews and how to find with a map view. Integrated backend scripting enables place owners to update and edit the content about the places thus the database about places will naturally increase.



A utility application for travellers.

Working with a global travel agency we were asked to develop a mobile application that could provide flash-like access to the required emergency services. Starting with the local police, fire fighters, and ambulance up to parents, spouse or close friends. With the help of GPS API implementation and international emergency services database, the application can determine users’ current location and prefills the safety information and display it on one screen making it easily accessible.