The Cost of Developing an App: Create Your Own Messenger

We have basic programs on our smartphones, we use them every day, and the users are on the cutting edge. We already have WhatsApp,Telegram, Messenger, Viber and many other applications to talk to friends and family, but people are looking for new techs and programs that provide an easier to use interface and richer features.

Why people like mobile applications

Modern smartphone users are accustomed to seeing high quality and high performance standards among the most popular products, and they are constantly looking for more opportunities to provide a superior user experience. The popularity of mobile software can be explained by people's unwillingness to pay for calls and text messages, and to exchange information with others using only mobile internet or Wi-Fi. Our team has a proven track record of success, creating mobile messengers natives using the latest technologies and frameworks, and now we want to share our knowledge with you.

The cost of the Messenger function

Ability to swap files and use a variety of data formats. About a decade ago, most of us used cell phones to send text messages to each other before the smartphone revolution. Today we have a variety of media files shared through innovative messengers - videos, music tracks, photos, text files and other types of data. Current software not only share files, but can also take pictures of device hardware, record audio files and videos. In fact, the first thing to consider when developing future app needs is what data formats to support: music, video, text, other documents, spreadsheets, and more.

What is the cost of video recording?

Implementing a unique, innovative feature such as creating photos, music, and videos combined with beautiful filters will spur your product's popularity and appeal to niche audiences. Keep in mind that real-time streaming and even simple recording is a complex feature that only professional developers can implement with the most time and money. In fact, one of our newly developed app projects is a social network with advanced features that allow users to share short custom videos, save video diaries and even respond to video comments. If you want to learn more about our Incredible Case Study, you can examine our extensive portfolio of successful projects.

Cloud services and chat costs

Another feature that differentiates your app from your competition is integration with different cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and other platforms and third-party platforms. Using cloud services will make file sharing faster and easier, which is why users love this feature so much. But one of the central features that every modern messenger must possess is the ability to develop a chat.

Cost of security features

Conversations within a messenger can usually be private or small. Make sure that chat rooms and chat rooms themselves are highly secure, since confidentiality is a major factor in a world full of cybercrime and information leakage. So if you plan to develop another WhatsApp or a better Viber version, consider developing the following security features:

Message Encryption authorizes the user to use only the code that decrypts the file.

Message Expiration Time - A specific message or the entire chat message disappears after some time.

The cost of secret conversations

There are smartphone and tablet messengers that have excellent security options - one of them is the Telegraph for Android and iOS platforms, but there are also open source applications that use encryption on mobile devices and web browsers. plus any other app with the Secret Chat feature. You can configure messages in a secret conversation to disappear automatically after some period of time for all the devices involved in the interaction. Not only can you set the message as self-destruct, but it can also set other things including photos, videos, and other files. The confidential chat in the telegram uses two-way encryption to ensure that only intended recipients can read the mail or receive documents.

Deferred mail costs

You can add a more interesting and effective resource to the project plan, the delayed message. This is not the most common feature since only a handful of programs support it, but it can be very useful because users can remember certain actions, send birthdays, or any other scheduled messages. We incorporate the desired messaging functionality in some applications and the result was a great success, so do not miss this opportunity.

Voice options costs

Mobile operators charge high phone bills and phone bills, which is why many people choose not to use a traditional cell phone, but use voice and video calls with communication tools that can access through WiFi or the Internet at any time . If you want to include phone content in your messaging app, make sure it supports the following features:

  • VoIP Phone
  • Video call
  • Voice and video call group
Make it unique

This is a must-have feature for making in-app calls, but there are other things to consider if you want your app to really stand out and get the attention of your customers. The latest trend says even this app would be highly engaging and fun - Think Snapchat - is full of crazy emoji, fun effects, and unparalleled features that no other mobile app has.

Focus on entertainment

Still others focus on entertainment, but Snapchat is the ultimate winner. Not too long ago, it spent a lot on startups in Eastern Europe. The app uses face recognition, detects the face using a Selfie camera facing forward and changes the user's face in a variety of fun ways. These advanced facial recognition features and filters make it possible to change faces even when you make a video - incredible!

SWOT Analysis Developing an app like WhatsApp


  • A large number of profitable users
  • Available on different platforms
  • No need to manually add friends
  • Ability to send various file formats (video, image, voice mail)
  • Mark as unread function
  • Group chat


  • Growing customer base
  • More and more smartphone users
  • Video editing in real time via video call


  • Competitive market
  • There is not enough diversification because competitors offer the same functionality
  • Social networks like Facebook are also competing in this area
  • Applies only to data plan or WiFi


  • Viber, WeChat, Skype and other popular competitors
  • Similar applications are free

Another thing to consider when developing mobile applications like Telegram or WhatsApp is to define KPIs or key performance indicators, which is more important growth rates, user retention, and customer engagement. From the beginning, you should develop a strategy to maximize this indicator.

Our experience speaks for itself

  • AMD
  • intel
  • PlayStation

The cost of productivity tools, task lists, and calendar

According to the latest researches, users are tired of switching between programs - so if your app integrates all the features available in other applications, such as reminders, calendars, contacts and other useful widgets, this will be a solution perfect. It does not make sense to develop another Snapchat, so try to think of something really unique and without other similar applications. We examine WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, and outline the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats of developing these products.

Key performance indicators

The first important metric of app performance is the number of active users who regularly use the app. One of the most effective strategies for adding a user base is to encourage customers and friends to share their vast experience in their own applications and to install them. To reach more customers, you need to have a clear understanding of the purpose and value of your app. Get more information.

Estimate the cost of developing an app

Given the central functionality of high-quality applications, we have calculated the approximate cost of developing a secure and attractive mobile app as the best of similar applications on the market. We estimate the cost of iOS and Android, including design and programming costs.

  • Schedule
  • Android app development calendar
  • Android app Design Timeline
  • iOS app Development Timeline
  • iOS app Design Timeline
  • Backend Schedule

Time consuming function

  • Speak
  • File Attachment
  • VoIP Phone
  • Up to 200 hours

What is the cost for an app like WhatsApp?

Based on the average price range for the IT market - the cheapest realisation can be from $ 35,000, based on the rate of $ 20 / hour, up to $ 370,000 at $ 150 per hour developer tarifs.

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